Sim’s advice and experience was invaluable in helping me to get back on track with my business goals, she not only has years of business experience, her wisdom, insight and ability to help me get to the core of the issues gave me clear strategies to move forward and change myself to achieve more than I thought was possible.”
— Noreen, Business Owner Melbourne

Simone helped me to get clear on my strengths, and worked through some strategies to build my confidence so I knew how to position myself well for future career opportunities. I picked up a fantastic new job in no time and I couldn’t be happier.
— Terrie General Manager, Brisbane

I failed my drivers license 3 times. After Simone worked with me I felt calm, happy and had the confidence to know I would pass the test the next day. And I did!
— Blake, Builder Brisbane

Learning meditation with Sim has helped me still my mind, and feel more energised. I can now really tap into and trust my intuition. Her voice is very soothing and her ability to guide me through the meditation really helped. Even when I didn’t think I was doing it right I always felt amazing afterwards. It’s now the first thing I do to set my day up for success.
— Lisa, Executive & Supermum Melbourne