Bounce Mastering Energy - 4 Week Individual Meditation Coaching


Bounce Mastering Energy - 4 Week Individual Meditation Coaching


People generally look to diet and exercise to create energy and manage stress but that equation is missing one major factor, how to manage emotions which are key to either draining or replenishing your energy. 

Imagine if you can overcome stressful situations with a sense of calm and ease so you minimise the negative impact they could have on your life.

Imagine if you could master your emotions to have energy to achieve what you want in life.  How different would your life be?

Over the period of four weeks Simone Guild will talk with you about the challenges you face in your life, where you are feeling drained of energy and where you may be feeling stressed or anxious and what goals you want to set for the session.  The coaching sessions will include both theory and practise and you will learn how the brain and body work when under stress.  You will understand how stress impacts your performance and what techniques you can use to overcome this and other draining emotions.

What you will get from this program:

- Increased self awareness and understand your impact on others to improve your leadership skills;

- Overcome feelings of anxiety and quickly neutralise negative emotions that drain you and impact your performance

- Learn how to refill your inner battery throughout the day so you always have a reserve of energy to draw on. 

- Learn how to perform at your peak and manage stress so that you continue to achieve the work and life goals that you set.

Course inclusions:

- Weekly guided one on one meditation and coaching sessions over 4 weeks to music that is specifically tuned to energy centres of the body. 

Once you know what leads to energy drain and energy renewal, and how to manage your physiology and your mind to effectively manage your energy, you will feel better, look better and get more out of life.

** Coaching sessions via skype or zoom video conference.  

** This program can also be run as a group course for public or private organisations.  

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