Abseiling and rock climbing...a lesson in trust

First time abseiling and rock climbing...a lesson in trust. 

I had wanted to do this for a long time but ever since I did the canyon swing in Queenstown which was a 150m drop into a Canyon a few years ago I have been quite scared of heights. I cried for 20 minutes after that. So was this a real fear or was this just bringing up stuff from the past that I hadn't dealt with. For me it was the latter. 

Whilst some might say this is a logical fear it's abseiling and rock climbing for God's sake! For me this process was symbolic, it was totally about trust. About trusting that I would be OK as I leant out over the edge of the cliff and relied solely on the harness around my waist. It was symbolic of me relying on someone else. 

I was petrified at the top and It took me a while but when I was finally able to lean out my confidence grew, and continued to grow with each step as I made my way down the cliff. 

Sometimes we feel fear and it's just a bump in our operating system, sometimes we are most afraid of the things that we truly want in our lives and sometimes that comes from an underlying limiting belief that we can't have it or don't deserve it, or are not good enough. It's not a rational fear. 

What is one thing that you are fearful about that really isn't logical? Are you sick of letting it  hold you back?  Contact us here if you know it's time to get rid of unwarranted fear in your life once and for all.

Here's a mantra for your weekend...I AM ENOUGH...because actually, we all