Forget fear...listen to the whisper

How many times have emotions like fear held you back from doing something you really wanted to do?  Going somewhere you really wanted to go? Being with someone you really wanted to be with?

Fear can be the big dream buster.  Our unconscious mind sometimes stops us from reaching our full potential...but only if we let it.  It tries to protect us and keep things comfortable.  As humans though it is our natural path to grow, to keep learning, to keep evolving.  Without new experiences we will always in some ways be unfulfilled.

I remember when I first decided to trek the Inca Trail in Peru, at that moment in time I could hardly walk.  My body was so full of Rheumatoid Arthritis and I was in excruciating, hideous pain like I have never felt before.  Was I scared...hell yes!  I was scared of remaining in that pain with very little mobility for the rest of my life far more than I was ever scared of the Inca Trail.

I felt drawn to the Inca Trail, I don't know why? I can't explain it.  My intuition lead me there.  

It was June 2006 I had been divorced a year earlier and was feeling quite lost.  I was in a very stressful job working 80 hours a week I was unhappy, felt like I was fighting every day, most days determined to do well but really just surviving as my body was screaming at me to stop doing what I had been doing to it.  Holding in negative emotions is never good, being able to recognise that and do something about it with the level of self awareness, composure and grace was my biggest life challenge ever. I was fighting when I should have been loving.

When I spoke to my boss at the time and talked to her about taking 9 weeks off to trek the Inca Trail, go to New York for the first time, visit Teothuacan in Mexico and back pack around Cuba for a couple of weeks, I sensed she was a little shocked.  One, because she thought of my physical limitations rather than my capacity; and two, because of a major event that was coming up.  Now to give you some more background...I had been working my absolute bum off doing 80 hour weeks for 18 months, whilst my health hadn't been great and over that time I had actually saved the organisation close to $2m.  I had built a really great team who could handle things for that time without me and I was also being paid $30k under market for doing this. My performance was never in question but for me the value exchange was.  My boss said I don't think we can give you the time off because of this major event.  For me however, it was a not negotiable.  This was the goal that I had set when I could hardly walk, nothing was going to stop me from doing it and the work world wasn't going to end if I was away for 9 weeks.  My team were solid, they could handle it.  In that moment I had so much clarity.  I put myself first and my needs first.  My response was "I know you are worried about this major event and I have built the team so that can be covered.   This is not negotiable for me, it's something I have to do.  So I am going to resign and that will give you time well before the event to replace me." So at that moment I had no other job to go to, and I yes I was a bit scared but just knew going to Peru was something I had to do.  I knew if I followed my intuition the universe would look after me and it did.

Before I had worked out my four weeks notice I had been offered another opportunity working one day less a week, earning more than what I was being paid previously and doing work that I absolutely loved.  I was also able to take the leave I had planned and work my project timings around it.  I still delivered above expectations in that new gig and everything turned out great. It's funny how things work out...or is it?

Set a clear intention, do it with grace passion and love for yourself and with good intentions and beautiful things come back to you.

How many people live ground hog day because they feel trapped with no where else to go? Fear is sometimes an illusion.  Sometimes you just need to go within and if you don't follow your intuition, if you don't follow the whisper, then sometimes the universe stops you in your tracks until you wake up.  It had to do that with me.  I am pleased to say I am now very in tune with my inner voice and now I listen when I hear the whisper.

So what is the whisper inside you that you need to listen to right now?  

Meditation helped me to hear it and it will help you hear it too.  It's the first whisper you hear, it's not all the noise afterwards and all the rational talk that goes on in your head.  It's the whisper and you generally feel it in your gut.  

We'd love to show you how to build the skills to do this.  Contact us about learning meditation so you can tap into your intuition and make the decisions that are right for you.

Sending you all big love.


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