Hello I’m Simone Guild

But please call me Sim or Simmi (I prefer that)

To give you a little insight into who I am and why I created Bounce Daily I want to share with you a bit about the journey that brought me here.

I founded Bounce Daily after a long corporate and consulting career working in strategic HR roles in billion dollar businesses.  My primary responsibility was to identify, accelerate and maximise the performance and potential in leaders. I've always been interested in finding things out.  I wanted to be an undercover detective when I was younger and then forensic psychologist because I was really interested in why people did the things they did. In my corporate life I am often asked to profile leaders, analyse their strengths, their weaknesses and work out the best ways to accelerate their potential. I have always been passionate about helping people to be their best and give them insight into what they may not see in themselves.  I love it when they can break through barriers and achieve awesome goals, so being asked to Judge the Telstra Business Woman of the Year Awards for three years was a wonderful privilege for me where I heard the stories of many women that have done this.  Even in those awards however, I saw some women who still lacked confidence and belief in themselves. I’m so passionate about helping women to change that.


In my experience over 20 years working in the field of maximising performance and human potential I saw three key things that made the most difference in successful people:
their attitude, their agility, and their alignment.  
I call it their ability to 'Bounce'!



1. Attitude

Underpinned by a high level of self awareness when we can manage our attitude and control our thoughts and emotions. This directly links to us managing our energy. Our attitude puts out a frequency to the universe. We attract who we are not what we want. You can break through self doubt to become more resilient, more consistent and know that anything is possible.

2. Agility

The ability to change, adapt, learn new things and navigate our way through ambiguity and complexity and the challenges we are faced with become opportunities to be explored. Agility is a capability that’s sought after and we need it to truly excel.

3. Alignment

If you are clear on your values and your strengths and they are aligned to what you are doing we find it easy to be energised. When what we think, say and do are in harmony we are happy. If we contribute to something higher than ourselves it often allows us to go that little bit further. Our lives have greater meaning when we are in alignment.



Throughout my career as a coach and Executive Leader I saw many talented people who didn't reach their potential and often it wasn't about their skills or experience but unconscious blockages that held them back, a lack of self belief, self worth and self confidence, which occasionally led to a pessimistic attitude.  I saw many people who didn't have the right strategies to move forward through these periods of self doubt and negative self talk, and who couldn’t make effective decisions as they over analysed things. This was particularly evident in women.

So many times I heard the words, I'm not good enough, not smart enough, not attractive enough, not slim enough...

I had also experienced periods of self doubt myself and became my own experiment, trying different techniques to help me to move forward when these thoughts came up.  So to me being able to bounce also means you can ride any wave, navigate any storm and climb any mountain even when you are scared.

All the tools I use to help others break through I have successfully used myself.  They are borne from sound research and have strong foundations in neuroscience, quantum physics, biology and positive psychology.  I have studied these topics for over 20 years and in line with my core values to learn and make a difference I will continue to do so. I have more books than you can think of on the brain, manifestation, neuroscience, psychology, capability, potential and transformational change and I am working on my own to help people get beyond themselves to awesomeness - Bounce Daily.

For me personally, the biggest challenge in my life came in my early 30’s when going through a divorce. I went from being a healthy woman, to 24 hours later not able to hold onto anything, do my bra up, open a door and with limited capacity to walk. One day I was fine, and literally the next day I created a body full of Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Fast forward to a few months later…I was edging my way down stairs sideways hanging onto the rails with both hands like an immobile 80 year old.  I couldn’t even cope with the weight of the doona (duvet) on my body at night.  I was really scared, frustrated and angry. One night I woke at 3am in the morning in excruciating pain feeling hopeless and very alone.  I remember saying out loud how am I going to live like this. At that moment a voice inside said “you don’t have to” then I totally cracked the shits and said out loud with a level of certainty and in the most determined voice I had heard come out of my mouth for some time: "F#$ck this...my life's not going to be like this...I'm going to trek the Inca Trail in Peru!"

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

I made a very clear decision in that moment that I wasn't prepared to live life like that. So, 18 months later after a 4 day trek in heights up to 4200m, I made it to Machu Picchu.  Not bad considering I could hardly walk when I set that goal.

You see the brain is a cool creation and it's plasticity means we can change it and essentially reinvent ourselves by changing our thinking.  

The brain’s ability to change, adapt and create new connections means that the possibilities for peoples' potential and healing are limited only by their thoughts. The good thing about thoughts is - you CAN change them.

I always believed I could clear the RA from my body and I am very grateful now to be living a normal healthy life.  I've been medication free since May 2015, much to the disbelief of my Doctors. 

Throughout this journey I studied all the things I could get my hands on to understand my brain, my mind and how to reprogram my thoughts. I wasn't born with RA so I knew somehow I had created it and intuitively I knew it was my thinking and emotions that got me into it and would also get me out of it.

I now have a number of qualifications in NLP, Hypnotherapy and Timeline Therapy along with Psych K, Huna energy work and I have studied a number of different meditation methods, including Transcendental Meditation and Primordial Meditation.

The real shift came for me when I was introduced to the work of Dr Bruce Lipton (Author of The Biology of Belief) and Dr Joe Dispenza (Author of You Are the Placebo, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself and Evolve Your Brain).  Through their work I understood how powerful my thoughts had been in creating RA and how I could go about changing my mind “literally” to clear it.  I will be eternally grateful to them for their work.  I am also grateful for the brilliant work done by the heart math institute and use their methods daily in my life.

Having RA was a gift, it changed my life forever.  As did the near death experience I had after slipping off the side of the Andes Mountains whilst trekking the Inca Trail in 2006 (yes that’s right I nearly died on that trip and came within 2ft of a 10,000 ft drop to the valley).  Both were critical turning points in my life and I am grateful for both of them.

What I now know from first hand experience is that our thoughts create our reality. Thoughts put out an energy frequency that vibrates into the universe and also into your body.  That’s not woowoo shit, that’s quantum physics, it’s real. I know you can also change your thoughts to create a new reality and more fulfilling life, to rid yourself of dis-ease and boost your energy.  I know that because I have done it.

You CAN clear limiting thoughts and beliefs that have been holding you back for years and you CAN create positive, supporting beliefs that support you to step forward into a wonderful future letting your beautiful light shine to the world.

Meditation helps us regulate our thoughts and create new synapse connections in our brains literally causing the brain to rewire and change.  The great news is that we can unlearn things, learn new ones and then cement those new connections by creating new habits.  

We can rewire our brains by changing our thinking and creating new habits

We can rewire our brains by changing our thinking and creating new habits

At Bounce Daily we combine scientific techniques to help you change your brain, regulate your emotions, give you more energy, build your resilience and unlock your true potential to transform.  We do this through our propriety A3 model - ATTITUDE, AGILITY & ALIGNMENT

Are you sick of letting self doubt hold you back?  

Step forward with us to create a clear path for your future, believe in yourself again and the power of possibility and manifest the life you truly want to live.

At Bounce Daily we believe that anything is possible and after working with us you will too.  

Join our tribe and learn how to BOUNCE DAILY!