How would your life change if you were to start every day with the confidence to make your dreams happen?

If you’ve found your way here you are ready for a massive Shift. Do you love yourself enough to make a change right now?

It’s time to get out of your head and into your heart. It’s time to shine your light, make some bold moves and illuminate your path to an amazing future!


No more fear, it’s time to live life with confidence, and the attitude and belief that you can achieve anything. No more self doubt and sabotaging thoughts. It’s time for a LYF shift to love yourself first. You can have what you want and you can have it NOW!


Build the agility to navigate and influence any situation, rise to any challenge and chart through any journey. Be conscious in the moments that matter. Learn how to adjust your course, your style, your body language and get ready to fly high doing what you love.


Align your life with passion and purpose. Set clear intentions for your path forward. Clarity gives you confidence and confidence gives you power to take action. Step into your power, totally own that beautiful future and truly live your dreams.

So many women are held back by fear and imposter syndrome. It’s my mission to change that, to help them dream bigger than they ever have before, to truly see what’s possible and know they can achieve it!
— Simone Guild

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